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Answer some questions and let us evaluate your needs.

Step 1. Assess How Sleepy You Are

Epworth Sleepiness Scale Test

In order to properly address your concerns, we first need to establish the frequency and likelihood of you encountering bouts of daytime sleepiness. Help us learn more about your experiences by filling in this short questionnaire.


Step 2. Is it possible that you have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)?

STOP-Bang Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions below to determine if you might be at risk. 


Interpreting Your Results

Low Risk: Yes to 0 to 2 questions

Intermediate Risk: Yes to 3 to 4 questions

High Risk: Yes to 5 to 8 questions

or Yes to 2 or more of 4 STOP questions + male gender
or Yes to 2 or more of 4 STOP questions + BMI > 35kg/m2
or Yes to 2 or more of 4 STOP questions + neck circumference 16 inches / 40 cm

Step 3. Regain Your Life!

The next step is to talk to your doctor or nurse practitioner to ask for a referral for a home sleep apnea test from Oxylife. Questions about the process? Get in touch!

Select a location:*

You’re invited to contact the location nearest you with any questions you may have.

Read On To Know What Our Clients Say About Our Clinic

Happily encouraged my friends to use their services

“I have been dealing with Oxylife for 3+years. I have found them to be very knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating. It is always a pleasant experience to stop into the office where I know I will find a friendly smiling person to help me out. I have happily encouraged my friends to use their services.”

- Dianna C

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