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Take the first step in overcoming nighttime breathing issues.

CPAP Masks and CPAP Machines in Prince George, Kamloops, and Chilliwack

Once you have a GP or Nurse Practitioner referral, and have undergone our home sleep apnea test, OxyLife Sleep Apnea Clinic is better able to treat the possible issues affecting your sleep. If it’s discovered that you do suffer from  sleep apnea, we offer a range of CPAP therapies for residents of Prince George, Kamloops, and Chilliwack and surrounding communities. We work with patients to try and make a positive impact on their everyday lives.



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We can help you achieve a good night’s rest.

Sleep Apnea: Description and Symptoms

Sleep apnea is a very common disorder, affecting between 8-15% of Canadian adults. There are a number of factors that contribute to the condition. Physiologically, its direct cause is the collapse of soft tissue within the airway which inhibits regular breathing. This collapse is associated with numerous potential factors including having an enlarged tongue, weak airway muscles, obesity, and others. Sleep disorders can have a profound effect on your daily energy level, cognitive ability, and long-term health. If left untreated, sleep apnea can prove fatal in some cases.

Symptoms to watch out for:


  • Snoring

  • Pauses in breathing (witnessed apnea)

  • Choking or gasping during sleep

  • Restlessness

  • Frequent bathroom visits


  • Headaches in the morning

  • High levels of fatigue

  • Problems with mental focus

  • Depression and irritability

  • Sleepiness during regular activities

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms on a regular basis, please contact the Oxylife location nearest you.



Have you recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea? Our staff can help you discover the products best suited for managing the symptoms. While there are a variety of sleep therapy devices to choose from, the most commonly used are the Auto/Fixed Pressure CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. The CPAP machine controls the flow of air entering your airway which allows the airway to remain open as you sleep.


The basic elements of a CPAP machine:

  • CPAP masks – covers your nose and/or mouth

  • Tubing – passes air flow from the machine into the mask

  • Filter – maintain air quality (require regular inspections)

  • Airflow – regulates air pressure to prevent the airway from collapsing

Contact us today for an assessment.

Read Through the Testimonials Below to See What our Patients Have to Say About Their Experience With Us

The staff are helpful and very patient

“Both my husband and I are now on our third CPAP machine having dealt with OxyLife for many years. We have always had great service. Staff are helpful and very patient in trying to find the best solutions to your needs. I have recommended them to friends and will continue to do so!!”

-Grace W

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